Austin Showroom


2415 Kramer Ln
Austin, Texas 78758



Store Hours:

Mon-Fri 7-4pm,
Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Please call 512-323-5550 to Schedule


What Others Say

Alfonso G.
So very helpful and informative. The warehouse guy loaded all my product for me and their all very nice as well.

Kevin P.
Great product, decently knowledgeable staff. Used the Acetone stain and sealer that turned out nice. Would love to use them again.

Hunter H.
The guy and his wife in this store are phenomenal. We were in the area on vacation and just happened to be in the middle of the project, my wife and I stopped by the store and they had us fixed up with everything we needed including step by step instructions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys for all of your help. The floor turned out absolutely stunning!

Divergent Construction
We love Rex and Crew!! The stain store is our go to for all of our concrete supplies.

Hugo V.
Professional service, knowledgeable personnel, excellent products, industrial, residential, commercials, decorative Finnish, I recommend this place if you are a beginner or Experienced professional.