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We carry a wide variety of specialty and professional products in stock to make any of the jobs you can imagine into a reality.

Acid stain


Concrete admixtures


Exterior dyes


Micro topping




Water-based stain

Waxes…and more

Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with helpful tips to make your creations stand out like a star. We also host numerous seminars on topics of keen interest.


Cleaning Products

The Stain Store carries a full line of decorative concrete products. Not only do we sell all the necessary materials to install decorative concrete, but we rent concrete stamps & accessories, and offer free training classes and demonstrations for contractors.

Soy Gel: For removal of lead-based paint, latex, enamel, varnish, urethane & polyurethane.  Follow directions carefully.  Can be found at The Stain Store.

Ickee Stickee Unstuck: For easy removal of glue, tar, grease & oil.  Can be found at The Stain Store.

Bean.e.doo Mastic Remover: For removal of asbestos, vinyl, latex and mastics.  Can be found at The Stain Store.

Emerge: Excellent all purpose cleaner.  Can be found at The Stain Store.

EBC2: Excellent all purpose cleaner for outdoor surfaces.  Good for removing moss and algae.  Can be found at The Stain Store.