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Helping you create beautiful concrete features easily and with professional quality is our mission at The Stain Store. We are your premier choice for concrete supplies, cleaning products, and tool rental in San Antonio, TX.

For high-quality products, the lowest prices, and helpful tips, call us at (210) 340-4627 today.

Whether you’re a retail consumer or a professional contractor, decorative concrete creations are easily completed with our full line of products and tools. We carry a wide variety of specialty and professional products in stock to make any of the jobs you can imagine into a reality. You’ll find only the best brand names in the business, including Kemiko, Ameripolish, Kraft, Franmar, Proline, Miracote, and more.

Benefits of Staining Your Concrete Floors

Cost Friendly

Priced lower than tile & stone. The staining process isn’t cheap but when all things considered, most of the time it is less expensive than tile, stone and other high end flooring options.


Able to withstand heavy weights from vehicles or even heavy equipment. It is possible to chip concrete but that happens rarely and if it does, it can be easily repaired. Besides that, there isn’t much that can go wrong with cement floors. The material is very hard to damage. It’s used for streets and highways as a matter of fact!

Maintenance Friendly

Mop the floor every once in awhile for optimal shine. Depending on the amount of traffic, you might want to wax the floor every 12 months or so. These floors are very easy to care for. They hide dirt, stains and spills better than their flooring competitors like carpet, tile and wood.

Brands We Carry

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Products We Carry

We carry a wide variety of specialty and professional products in stock to make any of the jobs you can imagine into a reality.

Acid stain


Concrete admixtures


Exterior dyes


Micro topping




Water-based stain

Waxes…and more

Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with helpful tips to make your creations stand out like a star. We also host numerous seminars on topics of keen interest.


What Others Say

Alfonso G.
So very helpful and informative. The warehouse guy loaded all my product for me and their all very nice as well.

Kevin P.
Great product, decently knowledgeable staff. Used the Acetone stain and sealer that turned out nice. Would love to use them again.

Hunter H.
The guy and his wife in this store are phenomenal. We were in the area on vacation and just happened to be in the middle of the project, my wife and I stopped by the store and they had us fixed up with everything we needed including step by step instructions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys for all of your help. The floor turned out absolutely stunning!

Divergent Construction
We love Rex and Crew!! The stain store is our go to for all of our concrete supplies.

Hugo V.
Professional service, knowledgeable personnel, excellent products, industrial, residential, commercials, decorative Finnish, I recommend this place if you are a beginner or Experienced professional.